Enaf is a printing house and provider of the professional management system of business prints – 5x9. The fully automated production process – that provides each Customer with individual services at the same time – guarantees the highest quality and short lead-times. Enaf is the market leader in Poland cooperating with large domestic and international companies.   

The core business of our company is business prints, both corporate and personalized. We produce business cards, company letterheads, envelopes, pads and many other printed materials. 

  • What differentiates us?

    What differentiates us from other printing houses is the specialized, innovative order management system – 5x9. On the one hand it assures quick order placement and, on the other, strict on-line supervision of placed orders. 

    The production process at Enaf is fully automated. Nevertheless, we always meet our Customers’ expectations taking into consideration their specific suggestions. Therefore, as one of the very few companies operating in the market, we have a robust Customer Service Department. 

    Our product portfolio is made up of professional products what makes their timely delivery very important. Lead-times are determined already at the stage of signing contracts and they are included in them.

  • People & technology

    No technology would be able to meet the challenge of servicing orders if there were no appropriately trained and skilled people behind it. Therefore, not only do we put at our Customers’ disposal modern equipment but also qualified Consultants who provide help at every stage of the process – from order placement and production to logistics.

    Enaf is equipped with machines that are able to produce nearly all kinds of orders in the area of business prints. We possess digital and offset machines and laser technology. The production method is chosen in line with the Customer’s expectations and specifics of a given job. Due to the fact that the whole production process is executed under the same roof, we are constantly able to maintain its highest quality and lead-times specified in the contract.

  • Charitable activities

    We hold a view that each company enjoying an established reputation should participate in social life. Therefore, we participate in a number of activities aimed at ensuring equality of opportunity and counteracting social exclusion. We need you to know about it as we would like to encourage you to get involved in our projects and also to attract your attention to the continuously growing demand for this kind of activities. We are, among others, mainly involved in:

    - Cooperation with the Child Welfare Authority (Komitet Ochrony Praw Dziecka). We produce promotional materials for the “1%” campaign;

    - Support for the “Podaj Dalej” Foundation operating in Konin which deals with activation and life adaptation programs for disabled people;

    - Support for the “Mamy Dzieci” Foundation by means of producing promotional materials for them.


Pantone colors in digital printing

Using digital printers at Enaf we do not renounce offset printing quality. Thanks to HP Indigo technology not only do we guarantee high quality of four-color printing but a lot more: image sharpness, vivid colors, exquisite production quality and perfect Pantone color fidelity. We are the only printing house in Poland that has its own Pantone color mixing station dedicated to digital printing. 

UV printing

We use the technology that allows for printing with paints visible only under UV light. This way we are able to print both repeatable elements and unique content. It is the state-of-the-art security technology used in digital printing.


See who has already trusted us and why. However, you need to save plenty of time to go through this section. We encourage you to have a look at the case studies provided in the PDF format. 


Everyone needs to use their common sense while producing printed materials. Keeping the right balance between ecological responsibility and achievement of satisfactory economic indicators is substantial.

As a conscious business we operate in an ecological manner because only a few percent of global electric energy comes from renewable sources. We encourage everybody to protect our environment, read paper books and newspapers and to switch off a computer when it is not being used. In order to produce 200 kg of paper (average annual consumption per capita in Poland) we need the same amount of energy that is consumed by a computer over 30 days. 


Enaf is carrying out the project called Development of Enaf by Means of Export Activities in the European Countries. It is co-financed with the EU funds within Measure 6.1 IE OP Passport to Export and the priority axis of Measure 6. Innovative Economy Program – The Polish economy on the international market.

Under this project Enaf is running export activities in the German market.

Information on the project:

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