• 1. Do I have to pay for using the 5x9 System?

    No, you don’t. The 5x9 System is made available for free on the basis of signed contract. It constitutes an integral part of the services provided by us.

  • 2. How are orders delivered?

    We sometimes deliver orders using our own transport if the place of delivery is  located in Warsaw. However, most of all we use reputable courier companies that guarantee timeliness of deliveries. By special request we can also send goods by post. We deliver all over Europe.

  • 3. Where do you produce?

    The printing house is located on the premises of our company in Warsaw. We have modern machines dedicated to offset and digital printing. 

  • 4. Do you charge for the pre-press process of business cards?

    As part of the order we guarantee preparation of production files in line with the Customer’s standards and submitted data. We do not charge extra for it. 

  • 5. Can I use the 5x9 System outside my company premises?

    Yes, you can log into the application from any place where the Internet connection is available. It is possible to set access limitations as required by the Customer.

  • 6. What is the standard lead-time for printing business cards?

    The standard lead-time is 96 hours on working days. We also offer express services.

  • 7. Is data transmission in the 5x9 System safe?

    Logging into the system is SSL-encrypted. Security tests of the 5x9 System are run on a regular basis.

  • 8. Is there a mass data upload possibility to the system?

    Yes. Additionally, 5x9 enables data import (e.g. in the xls format) which makes the templates creation process faster. 

  • 9. Can I get an e-invoice?

    We send electronic invoices at the Customer’s request.

  • 10. Can I get a collective invoice?

    We send invoices in the periods specified in the contact. For example every month or after an order package has been realized.

  • 11. How can I reset the password to 5x9?

    To change the password you need to click on the Log in button, leaving the fields empty. “Change the password” message will be displayed. After clicking on the change the password button, the Customer will be asked to fill in their e-mail address and copy the letters or digits from the Image Verification box. A new password will be sent to the entered e-mail address. You should log into the system using the new password.

  • 12. What does Enaf print apart from business cards? Can these products be ordered via 5x9?

    Apart from business cards our product portfolio includes letterheads, envelopes, with compliments slips, rubber stamps and pads. You can order these prints via 5x9. All repeatable prints can be stored in the system. Moreover, we print seasonal cards, folders, training materials, annual reports and many more.

  • 13. How many people can use the 5x9 System?

    An unlimited number of users who have the rights and password assigned can use the system.

  • 14. Are the volumes of business cards cumulated?

    Yes, they are. Volumes of business cards for particular people cumulate into one order and are billed this way.

  • 15. What are the differences between your system and an Internet shop?

    The system is a complete solution, prepared individually and implemented strictly in line with the Customer’s standards and specific needs. It includes a number of personalized options, such as e.g.: automatic text formatting and entering data as well as developed administration-purchasing module. Each implementation at the Customer’s site is an individual project. All products are implemented in line with the Customer’s corporate identity.

  • 16. What are the technical-installation requirements?

    Our system works in an Internet browser and does not require any installation on the user’s computer. That is why there are no special requirements apart from the Internet connection. 

  • 17. Is it possible to integrate 5x9 with other IT systems?

    Yes, the system is compatible with majority of purchasing systems and can be integrated with them.

  • 18. What are the payment terms?

    The standard payment terms are 14 days. There is a possibility to negotiate different payment terms depending on the frequency of placing orders and their volumes. The negotiated terms are included in the contract.

  • 19. Is there a possibility to make a delivery faster?

    All non-standard deliveries, including express services, are sent by courier companies – the costs are borne by the Customer according to their price list. There is also a possibility to collect a delivery at our premises.

  • 20. What is the minimum quantity in the case of business cards?

    The minimum quantity that is cost effective for the Customer is 100 pieces of business cards of the same design or printed for one person. We can provide smaller quantities as requested. 

  • 21. Is there a possibility to negotiate a fixed price for your products?

    A fixed price for cyclic orders for a business cards set is a very good solution for Customers. It needs to be kept in mind that orders will be cumulated for production until the minimum quantity has been reached or in line with the terms set out in the contract. Based on this rule we can also produce other products. 

  • 22. Do you provide pre-press services? How much does it cost?

    We offer help of our DTP operators in case of simple changes or adjustments to projects. Jobs that are not very time consuming are usually done as part of the contract. However, we do not provide graphic design services.

  • 23. How long does it take to prepare the individual 5x9 System?

    Each Customer has a unique customized configuration of 5x9 to reflect their needs. It does not take long thanks to our experience and the fact that our system is made up of modules. It usually takes from 5 to 10 working days.

  • 24. Does Enaf organize training courses on how to use the system or make manuals available?

    Yes, each implementation of the 5x9 System is complemented by a training session for its users. We prepare detailed manuals if needed. The instructions are available after logging into the system.

  • 25. Can we test 5x9?

    Our Consultants are ready to present the system and answer all Customers’ question at any time. As the system is personalized, we focus on presenting appropriate modules. We always provide for some time for tests before the first order is placed.

  • 26. What languages is the 5x9 System available in?

    5x9 is available in Polish, English and German. The system allows for the use of diacritical marks of any language provided that a file containing appropriate fonts has been imported.

  • 27. Can 5x9 support customer specific financial settlement procedures? rt customer specific financial settlement procedures?

    Yes, the 5x9 System adjusts itself to the user’s financial and accounting procedures. Each ordered print has the following information assigned: payer, cost center, person placing it, order and delivery numbers, internal purchase order numbers, place of delivery, etc. All this information is included in the specification attached to the invoice.

  • 28. Can I order prints from other suppliers using 5x9?

    No. The 5x9 System is a proprietary solution the owner of which is Enaf.

  • 29. Can I count on your employees’ help while using the system?

    Each Customer has their own Consultant assigned who provides them with assistance at every stage of order placement and realization. You can see the Consultant’s contact details after logging into the system. The Consultant is assigned at the beginning of cooperation.

  • 30. How can I prepare for the mass exchange of prints using 5x9?

    Let Enaf know about it as soon as possible. You will be provided with ready Excel file templates used for data import purposes and we will help you to prepare them. Thanks to that we will shorten the lead-time to a minimum required by the production process.

  • 31. Can the prepared print templates be sent for approval?

    The order and products approval procedures are defined at the beginning of our cooperation with the Customer. These procedures apply to all orders.

  • 32. Can an order be placed by fax?

    We do not accept orders submitted by fax. It is possible to send information needed to produce a business card or any other print by fax in exceptional cases, yet you will be charged extra for it.

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